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I was sure to post on our front page, within this thread, and on a new thread, that the couple did receive compensation for the days they missed.

Now - I spoke directly to the travel agent and I did not hear anything being out in a hotel at Seabourn's expense, etc. I am not going to say what I hearsd but it was different.

But the important thing is that I agree that Seabourn did come around and see that the spirit of the "law" was not violated since the woman was already drilled.

More importantly, if you are going to impose new rules for procedures that people have already been dojng for decades, you need to have a little leeway if people do take you that seriously the first time around.

So, the people were made an example and the lesson was learned. I am still glad they got a refund, because otherwise I couldn't condone any business that keeps a customers money at will - not when we are talking about ~ $20,000.
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