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Default Share expenses cabin

Looking for a cruise/cabin split the expenses person for my 52yr brother!! He requires no assistance! Sail out to San Pedro or Long Beach California. My brother lives independent/alone but I pay the bills and maintain his house. He can add 4 plus 4 but cannot multiply 4 times 4! He can talk! If given a chance will fill all silence with his take on the day’s events but he stutters! He can walk but with a cane! He is clean to a fault! Five min to brush his teeth, 30 min shower! His passion is singing, won a scholarship for his ELVIS songs! My lady and I cruise a few times a year. Anytime we can get cabin, food and entertainment for around 70 dollars a day per person we are ready to go!! Passport not necessary just birth certificate and photo id is required. Give it a try if you and my brother get along maybe do it once a year.
Thank you
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