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A truly good Health Insurance policy in this country is very expensive for those below 65 years of age. My brother and his wife just moved back to the British Isles (Isle of Man) and now have free health care. The thing is, that level of health care often does not either approach what is available in this country or even when it does, the wait to receive such care would be completely unacceptable to the average American.

For instance, hearing aids in this country are not free and the good ones cost thousands of dollars whereas the ones in GB are free. The problem is that my sister in law (who is from the Island) refuses to get them because the fidelity is so horrendous all she hears is loud noise.....she still cannot understand people conversationally. I compare what she is talking about to the early hearing aides in this country that my Grandmother used back in the late 50's.

On the other hand, I've a relative by marriage who had very complicated brain surgery and it didn't cost him a cent. They even flew him for free from the island to the mainland for treatment and follow-ups. It works pretty well for the British simply because it's the only system they've ever known. The cost is covered by a VAT (what many in this country would call a sales tax). Nonetheless, even the cost of health care in Europe has exploded exponentially to the point that in many if not most English hospitals there are still multiple bed wards whereas the trend in this country is from semi-private (two to a room) to individual rooms for the simpletst of reasons (even though it took the "experts" decades to accept as common sense). Why? Simply because with multiple patients with multiple problems, the spread of disease is a a constant problem and significant threat.

In any event by law, no Public Hospital in this country (meaning probably 98% or more of them) cannot refuse to treat any patient because of their inability to pay. Your average wait for treatment in most municipal Emergency Rooms (even though they use triage) is now EIGHT HOURS! The people most up in arms get this....the ER physicians and nurses! They will tell you that the overwhelming number of people who visit Emergency Rooms don't have true emergencies but they know they won't have to pay if they go to a hospital!!!!!!

Don't know what the answer is but we'd best find one and find it soon.
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