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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
Interesting fact, Disney Dollars DO NOT expire, and the oldest bill from 1987 can still be used today. If you have an old bill you might want to check to see how much its worth. I saw one that had doubled in value over the past few years. That's better than US currency.
Yeah, a lot of people buy them as collectibles. And when you consider that the denominations are only $1 $5 and $10, for 16 bux, or 32 if you want to display front and back, you have a nice little souvenir of your visit.

It feels like we don't do as much with DDL anymore. Gift cards seem to have mostly replaced them. Parents or grandparents can get those in advance of the vacation and give to little Timmy to have spending money. The benefit of a gift card is that it's replaceable. And these days we have sooooooooooooooo many different designs for them.

And of course the PMS (Property Management System) we use now is getting even more advanced. A parent can have a KTTW (Key to the World) made with charging for the kids and set a hard spending limit on it, independent of the master account for the room. Can also set it up to only work for specific things like food and beverage etc etc.

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