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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
A friend of mine who lived in Boston in the early 70's told me yesterday that at that time the largest restaurant in the world was located in a suburb of Boston .

I tried researching this and could not find anything . Does anyone know if this is correct ?
The worlds 2nd largest restaurant is called the Red Dragon located in is 35,000 sq meters....a 800 sq meter kitchen....80 cooks plus asst cooks....500 waiters, in order to get to tables and back to the kitchen they wear roller skates and use zip lines and sail above tables to get where they are going. it cost in american dollars 5 million to build.

The worlds largest is in Syria called the Damascus gate has 6012 seats...
As for in the 70's not sure of what was the largest retaurant....But I know Gilley's in Texas was bigger then anything in Boston in the 70's..but that is a bar and grill....

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