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Default I agree in part

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Its not just fast food restaurants...Look at the content of most frozen foods...Loaded with sodium, one of the most unhealty things you can eat.

Most restaurants including white table cloth restaurants serve unhealthy food, they all cook with huge amounts of sodium (not including health food places).

Look at soup can in the supermarket...hundreds of mg of sodium.

One major way the food companies trick you is the amount of servings in an item....If there is 2 servings in a can of soup then the sodium is doubled.

My wife and I eat very low sodium diets, we don't drink any sugary drinks period. We both work out each and every day no matter how tired we are from work. I use to weigh 290 lbs and only 5' 11 inches. after exercising for one year now and eating a low sodium diet I weigh in at 170 lbs.

The real problem is that most people like flavorful food, and that means to most people that salt is included in almost everything they eat. Salt or sodium is a water retainer. It absorbs what you ingest and stays in your system.

If you are seroius about staying healthy them their is not magic pill you can take, no cleansing solutions will help, I have studied this intensly.

The key is as simple as it can be if you really want to be healthy.

Never eat 2 hours or less before bed time.

you must eat at a portion control level.

you must reduce intake of sugar.

reduce intake of sodium.

reduce intake of starch such as white bread and pasta...whole grain bread is better then whole wheat bread.

exercise regulary, I exercise a min of 1 hour per day.

Nutra system is a great diet to follow...that diet really works.

I eat what I want one day a week....

If you follow these basic steps you have to lose following the above it will control diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and you will feel and look great.

So I disagree that fast food outlets are killing people...thats like saying a gun kills people...NO, its the person pulling the trigger or walking into that burger cannot shift blame to a fast food chain, most people understand that fastfood is unhealthy, but most people like the taste and take their chances. In order for the above to work you have to want to do it, and you have to have the will power to continue to do it even after you come down to your weight goal.
I do not drink alcohol ,soda or juice .
I begin my day with the juice of 1/2 lemon mixed with boiled water
I do not eat white flour and therefore do not eat rye or white bread.I eat spelt bread with 2 tablespoons of all natural almond or cashew butter . I end my meal with a cup of decaffinated herbal tea .
After breakfast I go to the gym for one to two hours 7 days a week.

If there were no fast food stores people would not be looking for them .I grew up in a time when there were only 2 fast food chains .Now there are thousands .
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