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Default Cruising to Athens - Scary or Sane?

Cruising to Athens - Scary or Sane?
by Janice Wald Henderson

A reassuring look at Athens as a Mediterranean cruise destination and a scrumptious taste of the local culinary fare.


Read the newspapers, watch TV and the news is everywhere - Greece is in financial turmoil. And yet for cruisers, "Med season" has just begun. This is primetime (from now through October) for a Mediterranean sail. So many voyages begin or end in Athens, with tempting ports of call in-between. Do you avoid cruises that embark or disembark passengers in Athens - or say yes, but go straight from the airport to the ship? What is a cruiser who has never seen the glorious sights of this ancient city to do?

No one can predict the future, but it's easier to make the right decision knowing the facts. If you've already seen Athens' sights (notably, the Acropolis) and feel apprehensive, skip a visit and go directly from the airport to the ship, or vice-versa. But here's how to make it work: When flying in or out of Athens, book the ship transfers even if they cost more than a taxi or other privately arranged transportation.

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What is your opinion of Athens as a cruise destination?
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