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On the 26th is when it happened. I got declined of course because their limit was 2k a day and that would have put me over (they include the fees) so I paid off my balance that night of the previous 1030 that i took out. and that had already had been put a hold against when i looked at my bank statement on their atm. the next morning the 1030 was still there on my bank account but guest services said it takes a couple of days to reflect that on my bank statement, once i had paid it off. so i thought that was that. literally no more than 3 or 4 hours later when i went back the money had been put back into my account, due to the fact the hold was released. this was at 2pm. At 2am on the 28th, I asked Bertrand (who deserves an accolade or some recognition for being so helpful throughout all this) said I owed 13.93 (for 2 drinks i had bought) and so I went to the teller right accross from them and the only thing held was 82.xx (for gratuities) and 13.93 (for drinks). I had already prepaid my gratuities while on board but they said that wouldnt be reflected until end of cruise. every morning and evening i would check with the teller and compare to what i owed. As far as invoices, I myself never received it. 3 hours down the road, after getting off the boat, I check my bank account and see there was a pending charge of 1026. I immediately called RCI and they brushed it off saying "as long as you paid everything off, that charge will go away, it just takes a couple business days to clear) well on memorial day the money was no longer pending it was taken out of my account. I then got pretty upset and called RCI and explained to them how they could make such a ridiculous error when they know their limit is 2k a day in the casino (i didnt know that the 30 was included or i would have asked for less) anywho the pitboss rejected my request and I went to the ATM to withdraw money. All the customer service people said was "Oh we'll take a look at it and get back with you within a couple of weeks" To which I said, "well here let me take a grand out of your bank account and I'll get back to you within a couple of weeks." No since of urgency made me mad. I just qualified for club royale and what a welcome this has been. I havent asked for any comps or discounts or anything, but I feel the longer this goes on, the more willing I am to say something about it being an inconvenience. It wouldnt bother me as much if it was something like 100 or so but a grand? Mistakes like this shouldn't be made and it bothers me to know that after 2 days of me sending an email to RCI and 5 days after calling them, I haven't got an update or anything. Sorry for being upset but I didn't know where else to vent. You all have been more responsive on here then anyone for RCI.

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