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Originally Posted by Robbie H View Post
Sadly this doesn't surprise me. It just seems like these matters almost always benefit the cruise line.

I just had a mystery charge of $4.54 added AFTER the final billing. Even though it was a small amount i let "corporate guest relations" (they handle post-cruise problems very well) know about it. They responded quickly and the error was reversed on my CC within 3 business days
Oh 3 days, well congratulations because I just got an email saying it can take 6 weeks. Absolutely ridiculous. They can take it out in 6 seconds but it takes 6 weeks to give it back. I'm emailing all the higher ups. I'm not waiting 6 weeks for MY OWN MONEY. They better give me some sort of comp or something. I never ask for anything extra but you better believe this time I will. If I even decide to cruise with these guys again.
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