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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
I noticed a man carrying a bike off the ship assuming that he was going to go biking on the island. I was wondering what arrangements can be made to take a bike on a cruise. Does the bike have to be kept in the cabin or is there storage space for bikes on the ship. Thanks in advance.
I'm almost positive that anyone you see with a bike is a crew member.

This is from Carnival's site, but I think you'll find it on all cruise lines:

"Prohibited Items – will be disposed of prior to boarding
• Large coolers
• Alcohol in unsealed containers
• Firearms (Including, non-firing weapons and starter pistols)
• Ammunition (i.e., bullets, shot or missile that can be fired using a propellant)
• Imitation or replica weapons (Including., de-commissioned weapons or those not capable of being fired, toy weapons, or any other item made, intended or adapted to be used as a weapon)
• Explosives or explosive component parts, (Including, detonators)
• Fireworks or pyrotechnics (except those previously approved in connection with a company stage production which have been properly manifested)
• Taser or electronic stun guns
• Pepper or mace sprays
• Telescopic or regular batons
• Martial arts equipment (Including., flails, throwing stars, belt buckle knives, etc.)
• Handcuffs, brass knuckles
• Compressed gas bottles/cylinders
• Knives with blades longer than four (4) inches ( Recreational dive knives are allowed but must be held in the custody of the Guest Services Manager or Chief Security Officer and must be checked out/in by the owner for dive excursions during the cruise.)
• Dive tanks (empty or full), diver spears/slings
• Household goods or tools of trade
• Volatile and highly flammable liquids such as cigarette lighter fluid
• Scissors with blades longer than four (4) inches (Large scissors of the type used by scrapbook and quilting enthusiasts are at times permitted with prior notification from the Security Services Department, but are held onboard in the same manner as dive knives.)
• Medical Marijuana
• Bicycles
• Surfboards - (Boogie Boards no more than 42 Inches in length are allowed for use in port only)
• Scooters (only permitted if used for mobility – must be stored in guest’s stateroom)
• Boats/canoes
• Segways
• Any footwear with wheels, i.e. Heely’s type shoes
• Lasers"
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