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Mike, Annie, Kuki and Henry,

I surmise Henry that you have GHI. If you do and you live in NYC it's great. Just don't move out of the New York area!

When I was working I had what I was told was among if not the best health nation wide insurance plan available. For instance, were I to have had a heart transplant at one of the plan's "Centers of Excellence" which all those in the plan really are, the heart transplant itself, all follow up treatments, mileage if I lived 100 miles away I got mileage, over 100 and I was flown along with my wife, free hotel and meals for my wife and yes, even follow up flights for after care. The total out-of-pocket to me? A one time payment of FIFTEEN DOLLARS! Because I had a wife I had to have family coverage which, at the time that I retired, cost me around $220 a month.

Now, Medicare is primary and I've lost that heart transplant program (which I wouldn't have done anyway) and because I'm now single, it costs me 56 dollars a month (including prescriptions with a ten to forty dollar co-pay like Mike has). My prescriptions last year as I believe I wrote totaled if I remember correctly (which would be a miracle for yours truly) over 7000 dollars but cost me about I think $600.

As for the union government thing Kuki, as I previously said I took a government job, even though I could have made probably far more in the private industry world, because back then while government jobs didn't pay squat, the benefits were great. It was a more than fair exchange back then. Now, however the majority of government jobs in quite a number of areas pay far more than private industry so the trade-off is no longer fair. Yet I repeat, at the time I first started on the job it was more than fair as the greed thing had yet to take over. Now I'm solidly on the other side of the fence in such egregious cases.

Now that I'm retired I've lost all of that because Medicare is my primary and my state insurance is my Medi-Gap but I lost a lot of private benefits.
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