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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post
OK, I was not going to post this, however..This incident almost made me stop flying forever..

I was leaving for a trip to Cozumel alone for a couple of weeks and it was a hot day so I was wearing a short sleeve, somewhat low cut top..Not whore-ish..Just showed a small amt of cleavage. I had knee length clam digger pants on. Anyhow, apparently, my underwire bra set off the alarm at the walk-through at TSA..Now keep in mind, this is Dallas Fort Worth airport and there are about a thousand people within eyeshot of me..Many people waiting behind me watching. So I'm told to put my arms up to get wanded. Fine, I do that. I set off the wand with my underwires. Then, the very rough looking female TSA agent says she is going to have to feel under my breasts!!! WTF??!! Yeah, in front of all these people..So as she grinned ear to ear and groped my breasts, I stood there pissed off and humiliated. There were a couple of guys walking by leering and smiling. I mean really, if she were really doing her job, did she need to be grinning like a Cheshire cat???

For several hours after this incident, I vowed never to fly again. I was so embarrassed and humiliated by this incident. So now, when I get dressed to go to the airport..NO UNDERWIRES. I also tend to wear a turtleneck. I mean geez.. Has anyone else felt "violated?"
Sorry - that is obscene; I have a huge plate in my left arm and I never set off anything.

In the UK that would not have beenhave permitted - sorry I would asked for a more private space and then lodged a complaint after I had completed the flight.

If you don't let them know, the situation could continue.


PS I wear under-wires 80% of the time and I have never set off an alarm - go figure.

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