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Default Carnival Raises Steakhouse Price

The steakhouses on all Carnival ships will be increasing their surcharge from $30 per person to $35 per person, effective immediately for new reservations. Reservations that have already been made will be charged $30 until August 1, 2012. This is per John Heald's Facebook announcement.

I have mixed feelings about this. Carnival's steakhouses have become more popular in the last couple of years. When the David's concept was first introduced it was easy to get a reservation and most nights the steakhouses were half full. Now they seem to be more in demand. On my last two Carnival Liberty cruises the later seatings were full but I have to say that the "experience" wasn't what it was on Carnival Legend or Carnival Pride just a couple of years earlier.

My "gut" is telling me that the move is purely based on revenue. Carnival said the increase was due to increased food costs and to stay in line with what other cruise lines are charging. Well: The cost of the meat hasn't gone up. They are actually paying less than they were a year ago. I know the company that they buy their meat and a Carnival steakhouse dinner isn't the same as Celebrity's or Holland America's, especially in the service area.

We'll see if their bookings drop or if the additional charge will bolster the bottom line.

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