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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Henry... that is wonderful for you and your wife.

How and why you have that coverage would be interesting to know. Was that part of a compensation package you/she received from a company you worked for?

If so, were they private companies which were "union shops"- who negotiated that coverage as part of a compensation package , or a government body, which would also likely be a union job?

The reason I ask is obviously someone pays for that coverage. So, it makes it interesting, and somewhat relevant to the topic of "what is being poor".

I worked for a company 25 years .My intent was to still be working there today .In 1996 there was a downsizing and they said "bye ,bye ,Henry43 ."I was given the option of free lifetime health insurance for my family if I opted to take early pension . Even though my wife was working and had a great job she had a lousy insurance plan .The plan I had was among the best available .Actually I recommended the plan to my employers in 1995 .I opted to take the reduced pension .I was also given free lifetime legal service and a life insurance policy at no cost .

Kuki: As of this day ,I "Henry43" do hereby say that I will endeavor not to "hijack" as you refer to it any threads on CM .
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