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Just as a "for instance"; my medical this year has been terrible. I landed in the hospital for two days in March with bilateral DVT's and a PE. I have RA, asthma and a touch of high blood pressure. My prescriptions alone for this year - January through May - totaled $12000 with my copay of about $225. My hospital stay was over $10000.00. My monthly RA infusion costs over $2000 a month (billing is over $4000 but insurance pays only reasonable and customary). This does not even include the numerous doctor visits, tests (MRI, ultrasounds and biopsy) and required blood work done since the hospital stay. The majority of the prescription costs are for enoxaprain injections (generic Lovenox) that I am required to take until the warfarin raises my INR level to 2.0 - 3.0 (which seems to take quite some time!!). I am also looking at needing surgery in August with a day or two in the hospital and more of the meds to keep my blood thinned.

I am fortunate that DH has a good job and good insurance coverage. However, when he retires it will change quite a bit. Retirees have different coverages and limits that will, in the end, cost us more with a reduced income. I would like him to retire, however, I feel that I am making it very difficult with my medical problems. Yes, DH is young (54 - started working at present job at 20) but works in an industry/factory with a "25 years gets 30 years credited service" because of the conditions he works. In a foundry, the atmosphere is dirty, loud and often dangerous (he was working in an area one time with asbestos removal that was not known - had to give up everything he had on or used to shower with - clothes, underwear, towel, shoes, etc.). So, he needs to finish working there!

I am thankful for his good job and yet worry how I may be making it difficult for him to retire. We have put our girls through school both completing doctorate degrees. Life has been good to us, but I worry about what the future brings.
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