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The cruise lines main bottom line is how much money can they squeeze out of each passenger...that is their number one goal....Its a simple case of supply and demand, the more crowded it gets the more the demand is, the more you pay. They will keep raising the price untill they hit the peak of what people will be willing to pay. They have numbers people always figuring out on how they can save money...Many years ago we use to book Carnival. During the last cruise that we sailed with Carnival my wife and I entered the MDR for breakfast and noticed white tableclothes, I actually asked a waiter why is everything white, the waiter stated its cheaper to have white linen then colored..that one statement by the waiter had a lasting impression on me, We never sailed Carnival again.
Look at Royal Carribean in their cruise brochure they have a small letter t next to their discription of room service "Prefer to stay in bed? Enjoy meals in your stateroom with our 24 hour room service (t)...the T means Late night charges may apply.
Are you kidding me..Royal Carribean is starting to charge late night room service..Not that I would ever cruise with this line I just find this to be so low class that it is appaling.

First thing is that Royal Carribean food has been noted as some of the worst in the industry, but to have to pay for this is way out of line...can this open the door for other lines to start doing this ?
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