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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post

Oh, don't be giving these cruise lines new ideas for charges..In 6 mos, we'll be seeing them on our bills!! I just hate being nickled and dimed to death!! I also agree that auto charging for the tipping seems..Just inappropriate. In fact, the first time it happened to me, I was unaware that they were going to do it!! Did not realize until I checked my bill and inquired. I was a bit put off by it since I had only gone to the MDR twice on that cruise. I realize the tips are also for the stewards, etc..But I had already given out all my tips before realizing I had been charged for them already!! So I got double dipped...I did not know I could request to have them removed either.

Like you, I see them starting to add little charges..Here, there and everywhere for every little thing..Some people may get tired of it eventually and stop cruising certain lines because of it. Honestly, I feel certain lines have intentionally made their MDR and buffet food below par in order to force folks to pay extra for their other restaurant offerings. I mean, we have no other choices for food..If we want something decent..We have NO CHOICE but to pay the extra money for it. Let's face it folks, they can afford to offer us a decent steak once a week rather than serving us Luby's cafeteria food and charging extra to go to the steakhouse..It sucks that I feel they have intentionally made the food "no so great" so that we'll pay more for their "optional" restaurants. Optional my eye!! $35-$50 pp extra for a meal is not a lot to some..But for the working class guy, it probably is. If he has to come up with that every night for a decent meal for his wife..Ugh.

In sum, I feel that all but the most expensive cruise lines have really let most of their food offerings go by the wayside..Getting worse and worse every year (based on many reviews, not just my own subjective opinion..look around). We're paying for a cruise..For many, half of that experience is of tasting new delights - not getting cafeteria tasting food, waiting 45 minutes for a refill on iced tea in the MDR..ETC. I realize they are all out to make a profit, but they may wind up cutting their own noses off their faces out of sheer greed!!

Just my 2 cents.
I have to agree on just about everything you have stated in this post...I find that the cruise lines are getting desperate trying to figure out more ways of nickle and diming.

I find it offensive that they are starting to put fast food chains on cruise ships and then have to pay extra besides...I would never cruise on a ship that has fast food joints. Why eat something that you can have every single day of your all you have to do is disembark at just about any port in the world and get fast food...I find that offensive.

Royal Carribean is really pushing the envelope...charging for late night room service is an all time low. Their food is sub par to begin if you order late at night you have to pay...unreal and unacceptable.
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