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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
For the first time I like some of your points of view...but IMHO dont agree on some issues.
I checked Celebrity cruises web site...unless I am missing something some off peak Varanda cabins were going for 1300 plus...alot going for 2000 and some going for close to 3000.

I have booked a cruise on Crystal for the end of the year...while it is true that I have not been on a cruise in some time due to deaths in my family and other issues...everything I have read including this site was that though the food is better then most other cruise lines (Other then the high end lines) the food has somewhat declined...which makes me think that though it probaly is pretty good, if you want the standard of years back then you would need to book a specialty restaurant. My issue is that if I had booked a cruise on Celebrity and remember how the food was years back, I would be dissapointed by the somewhat lower standard enforced now.

I even though will pay a higher fare on Crystal, I like the idea that just about everything is included, I guess it is what a person prefers and is willing to pay.

We booked about a month ago at $999 for a balcony guarantee for a September sailing, we did receive a pretty good cabin but it was a bit far aft. We were able to upgrade to an A1 balcony with a 3x the size deck at $1,139...I think that category is currently going for $1,169.

We also have Royal Princess's 18 Day Transatlantic booked out of Venice... $2,200 for a Deluxe Balcony for 18 day with I think about $375 in OBC. I don't honestly think there's been a better time to cruise than there is right now.

Even with my Celebrity Cruise... let's go with the $1,139 add in a Classic Drink Package of $500 (on sale right now) that's only $1,639 per person. The cabin came with $100 OBC, that'll take care of a specialty restaurant charge and then some. You really can't beat the deals out there right now. With that price, am I really going to care that there's a nominal charge for room service late at night? Not even close.

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