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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I thought I would post this as a joke...but also because more and more it seems like the cruise lines are starting to charge for things that use to be free...such as on Royal Carribean they started to charge for Late night room service...what a are other charges that cruise lines can start :

Charge a nominal fee for the use of the pool
$5 Fee per towel at the pool
service fee for the MDR
$5.00 fee each time a steward cleans you room
For a after dinner show a nominal fee will be added to your room
$5 fee each time you disembark
$5 fee each time you embark
A one time fee for the use of a sail and sign card
$10 fee for the use of the fitness room

Another area is the automatic tipping system.
I do understand and have seen that many people who demanded everything in the MDR, would never show up for the last dinner just so they didnt have to tip..I find that those people who commit that act are selfish, undeserving of the finer things in life. I for the most part I am conventional when it comes to tipping...usually 20%. But I also feel that if service was not near what I expected then I should'nt have to give 20%..I also do understand that you can adjust the tip by going to the purser...But I would find that to be uneasy and not pleasent...This can be a very subjective area. it also can depend on what a person who normally tips no matter how good or bad the service was. what one person feels is ok another might not. IMO I would rather leave in cash what I feel the person derserved...I do believe that a tip is earned and not taken for granted...if service is horrible I have no guilt in leaving nothing...But on the other hand I have givin very hefty tips to excellent service.
Which brings me to a point of another area that is very subjective...Why are restaurants not paying their waiters and waitresses a decent living wage so they dont have to rely on tips...why are the people who patronize a business the ones who have to support the employee...I have always believed that the restaurant should provide a decent wage not the customer. I believe that the number of people who agree with the statement that the business should provide a decent wage is the same or close to the amount of people that think the customer should provide the major funds for the employee.
How about re-instating a few of the OLD charges we used to make you pay?
--Transatlantic liners always charged for daily use of deck chairs.
--RMS Titanic's First Class Dining Room was not included in the fare. Dinner cost an average of $100 per person per night. In that year - 1912 - the average American earned $300 per year.

In 1975, when I started working for Royal Viking Line, a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise in an outside cabin (we had no balconies in those days) cost as much as a new Cadillac. Let's start charging the price of a new Cadillac again today. Then we will no longer attract the type of cruiser who cares what anything costs.
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