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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
How about re-instating a few of the OLD charges we used to make you pay?
--Transatlantic liners always charged for daily use of deck chairs.
--RMS Titanic's First Class Dining Room was not included in the fare. Dinner cost an average of $100 per person per night. In that year - 1912 - the average American earned $300 per year.

In 1975, when I started working for Royal Viking Line, a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise in an outside cabin (we had no balconies in those days) cost as much as a new Cadillac. Let's start charging the price of a new Cadillac again today. Then we will no longer attract the type of cruiser who cares what anything costs.
I have searched the web and found no instance of any charge of an average $100 per person per night...First class dinner meals were 10 or 11 course meals that would last close to 3 hours. The rental fee of a deck chair and a blanket on the Titanic cost 1 pound. Also keep in mind that if it did cost $100 per person to have dinner, that would have probaly been 1st class...and the only people in first class were extremely rich people...millionares and billionares.

The Titanic was one of the first of the luxury cruise liners.
Your numbers might be off a bit...the average american made closer to $1033 per year not $300...A home cost $2750....average car was $941....a gallon of gas was 7 for Viking charging the cost of a caddy in 1975 I have not found info yet on that...But I find that number very hard to swallow.......The cheapest Caddy made in 1975 was the Eldorado model number 71-693 6 passenger and sold before tax, tags and license....$7751...I find your statement that a 7 day Viking cruise was high as that. There were at the time I believe only 3 ships...all info that I have found stated that none of the 3 ships did a Mexican Riviera 7 day cruise.

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