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Trip.....we are thinking of going down a day early, haven't booked our 1st flight yet, it's going to be close to 2,000.00 just for the flight for hubby and me.. I can see now why we chose to drive to the ports on previous cruises. I don't really like taking more meds than I already take, I might just "wing it" hahaha. I don't drink so can't even have one on the plane to calm myself, but I'll have my best friend with me as well as my hubby and we're taking a DIRECT flight, cause if you get me on a plane, don't expect me to keep going up and down cause it won't be happening!! Once I'm onthe plane the next time I get off I better be in Fort Lauderdale!

Manuel, thanks! We are very excited and can't wait.

Maybe a "road trip" might be a better idea..but it's such a long drive home from Fort Lauderdale to Ontario,and when you get off the ship, all you want to do is be home. I was even thinking of driving to Buffalo, then maybe taking a train....anything to avoid the plane!!


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