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The American people have themselves damned the bill as written and passed. Therefore it is up to the Congress to rewrite it in such a manner as to make it acceptable and there is absolutely no reason why this cannot occur.

I have no idea how the Supreme Court will rule on the Bill but the overwhelming number of informed American people themselves, regardless of political stripe, have said the current "all or nothing" aspect of the bill cannot stand. Even the Democrats that I know are absolutely disgusted with it and it's a shame that any President, Republican or Democrat, would actually push for it's passage as written. The current Congress had a golden opportunity to write something reasonable and they chose not too. Any member of Congress regardless of party affiliation who makes a statement that this or any Bill should have been passed without review or discussion by all parties involved is in my opinion, an idiot. This is the classic example of what happens when something ....anything is crammed through Congress by any political party. This time it was the Democrats but it could just as easily been the Republicans. What we need in Congress is something I fear will never occur.................common sense!
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