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Originally Posted by Kamloops Cruiser View Post
Compared to places I've seen . Kamloops is still the best place to live
(my personal opinion)

I live in a city of 25,000 people .I've posted this before and some people did not believe me but there have been no reported crimes of violence in the 10 years I am living here . We do not have a police force .

We are 10 minutes from a beach community and 5 minutes from a beautiful park and an outdoor swimming pool .

There are no pool halls ,no bowling alleys ,no movie theaters .

We do have approximately 100 restaurants and many stores .

For me its a beautiful place to live especially in the spring and summer .

I was last in Kamloops in 1976 ,at the time I was living in New York City and Kamloops seemed to be a wonderful place to live .
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