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I wish the cruise lines would do more cruises like this on the west coast. Keeps dollars in the United States and helps with jobs. Look at the truck loads of goods which come aboard at the docks. Plus, the dollars on excursions. I live in CA and some of the ports they hit are wonderful. You can hate California, Oregon, Washington for some of our crazy ideas, but it is some of the most beautiful places in the world I have ever been. Plus, a huge benefit of these cruises is sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. I have done it three times and it can't be beat. We just need the cruise lines to drop the prices on these trips, having CA give a break on port fees would be a huge help. Enjoy the trip and I would suggest taking the Hornblower Ferry to Alcatraz. It is a short walk from the pier to pier 39 where they board the ferry. The ride over is only about 15 minutes and you can tour the prison in two or less hours. You can do this tour on your own and would be safe in doing so.
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