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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Actually some of these are still not far from the truth.

Oceania (I think) rents on deck "cabanas" by the cruise or by the day
NCL is ticketing some of their shows on Epic - are they charging for Blue Man Group
"Gratuities" on some lines are no longer optional - though for other lines they are no longer billed - that covers your service fee for room cleaning and the MDR.
Cunard still has class dining based on the cabin you book.
Pretty soon they will charge for all MDR food and all shows after dinner. Yes the price of the cruise is somewhat affordable...but when you are nickle and dimed on everything , you in the long run end up paying what the cruise wanted you to pay in the first place..And that when the cruises being known as a bargain will end, yet people still dont want the fare to increase...what difference does it make if the fare does not increase but everything on board will cost you, from eating to watching a show to renting a deck chair (coming soon to a ship you love) I know the difference and that is when you pay the higher fare you are not squeezed for every little thing on board, but when you want to pay a lower fare you will keep taking out your sail and sign card and keep swipping away...I do have an idea though.

Since their are so many people split on this subject why not adopt this idea:
For the people who want to pay a lower rate.. they will not be issued a special card that exempts them from paying all the extra fees on board...meaning lets say a basic cruise cost 1000 per person (not involving the high end market) and the optional add on cruise costs paying the higher rate you get a special encoded card only when you first embark onto the ship.. that card allows you to not have to pay for all drinks, specialty restaurants, sort of like an all inclusive cruise....The numbers I came up with is just a ball park figure nothing is set in stone...I tend to kind of like the idea...

Sure people will still cruise, its because we love the experience, but I just hate to be nickle and diming...and now that NCL has crossed the line by charging for certain shows and Royal Carribean charging for late night room service the extra pay for other things that were always free is just around the corner..
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