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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Is it really any different from what's happening with land resorts? Most are adding "resort fees" and they're not optional. In Hawaii last month, it was $200 for a cabana by the pool, $30 for a beach umbrella and a chair, $20 for the Hula show. It's not just restricted to cruising.

Some lines like Oceania and Celebrity have added drink packages so you can make it an all inclusive cruise. Want to eat in a specialty restaurant every night, book Aqua Class or book and pay for your Specialty Restaurants every night before you leave.

To the OP, you haven't cruised in 7 years, things really aren't that bad...go have fun
It doesnt matter if I have'nt cruised in 7 years or 7 days... for the most part its all the same..early, late dining or when you want dining..then a show maybe dance...the I right...maybe a after dinner drink, a dance...wake up have breakfast, a tour on shore...what really changed in 7 years other then the quality slipping.
I have been running my business...I also had to deal with deaths in family and other issues..which is why I "could'nt have fun" as you put it...

I have booked a cruise on Crystal, and I will be thinking about selling my company by the end of the year...I just can't see myself retired at 54 years old.

And with the profits these companies make...soda (which I never drink) should be free...over 4 Billion profit for Carnival in one year and paid hardly any taxes...but lets keep charging the passenger and maybe we can rake in 5 billion this year...amazing.

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