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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Keep in mind when you're looking at profits at Carnival, you're looking at the Corporation, so across all lines,Costa, Princess, HAL, Cunard, Carnival, Seabourn, etc. I don't obviously have the final numbers, but Concordia is expected to wipe out a huge percentage of those profits this year.

They're a public company, they have a duty to their shareholders, want a piece of the pie? buy stock.
You know something...I will not lower my self to your level anymore...I showed you that Carnival Corporation made over 4 Billion profit in one year and use loop holes to pay hardly any tax.. it is all greed, I see no matter what point I bring up or no matter what I show you in black and white it is always a nasty comment from tell me to buy stock if I want a piece of the pie..Why would you even make a statement like that to me...I dont need it miss...I run my own company..I can retire if I choose at 54 and not worry about money ok...I make a point about the profit Carnival makes, and the low taxes it pays because we were discussing the cruise lines cut in service....I DISMISS YOU, I will not respond to any more of your win are a very nasty person who seems like all you want to do is sit in front of the computer all day and wait for me to post something so you can make an argument...Thankfully I return to my business tomorrow, so you can leave your little computer because I will be working so you dont have to worry about me posting, I have more important things to do tomorrow. So now find some else to where is that button to ignore you.

You always make an argument..never do you confront anyone the ignore button really works..all her posts are gone...

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