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Default Flying in the day before a cruise from the North in winter

A first time cruiser may want to save money and try to fly in the same day the cruise leaves. To those cruisemates who want to do it I say you are extremely brave flying in the day of the cruise. I particularly address this to the cruisemates who are flying in from the North and during the winter season.

During the winter you can have all types of weather delays. I have had the situation where the weather grounded the airplanes, and all car, train and bus traffic were shut down.

Fortunately, if you look forward enough on the weather forecast you can take these kind of complications into consideration. It may require leaving more than one day before the ship leaves if really bad weather conditions are predicted,

I say fair weather or foul it is better to stay in hotel room the day beofre the cruise than lose the investment you have made in the ship ticket.
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