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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
I don't think anyone was feeling bad for Carnival.
But alot of people are defending the cruise that I mean people are saying that the quality of food has declined and cuts are needed because the fare is so low...

But the cruise line pays almost nothing to the MDR staff, stewards, people in Laundry, bartenders and most other staff.

It seems their strategy of keeping fares low but charging you an arm and leg for everything else is working...they are making a bundle.

I find it funny that people say keep the cruise fare low because I dont have a problem paying for other things on board. The lower quality of food in the MDR is by is being done on purpose so if people want a better meal they have to pay extra in a specialty restaurant. The bottom line for the line is to get as much out of you as possible while on board.

NCL now charges to see blue man group on their ship.
Royal Carribean now charges for late night room service...

All these extra charges are piling up for the cruise line. Why is it that people are ok with that..Why is it ok to start charging for things that were free years back...its a disgrace.

Its ok to some peopple because they are paying a low cruise if you dont pay a higher fare they get you on board, whats the difference your gonna pay one way or another. Me I prefer to pay a higher rate so I am not poked for all kinds of fees on board.

All in clusive is the way to go for me anyway. I wont have to deal with all the nickle and diming on board..
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