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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
At one time I read nearly every book I could obtain about the Civil War . The two people I've met who know the most about the Civil War are Todd who posts on CM and retired baseball player Keith Hernandez .
I've been to hundreds of Civil War battle reanactments .
I have read approx 70 books on the Civil War...Everything from "The Life of Billy Yank the common soldier of the Union Army" "The life of Johnny Reb" everyday life in the confederate camp And Shelby Foote 3 volume set..

I have read 5 books on the battle of Gettysburg...a few on Antietam...Fredricksburg.....Andersonville....Bull Run....and just about every battle of the civil war...I read many books on Civil War Medicine....and everyday life in the Union And Confederate camp. I know just about everything that needs to be known about that horrible war that killed and injured more American people then all the other wars the USA has been in put together.

The agony and horrendous conditons these solders for both sides had to put up with were appalling. The pain and suffering unthinkable...It was at the same time a very depressing part of history and yet a very valuable piece of history that every person should get familiar with...unfortunately many people dont care or have any interest in this subject and that in itself is so very sad.
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