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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Am I being a cynic in saying that nothing will change as too many people/corporations make too much money out of it?

I just don't understand why Americans sit back and accept that as we would say you are not exactly backwards coming forwards?

How does someone earning the min wage survive?

Yes, but it's set up such that the "too many people" are the people at the top, not the rank and file. I'm sure that's what you meant.

Americans, partly because our education system has been so poor for so long, respond to simplistic platitudes, to "personalities," and to "movements" that are designed by cynics to enlist the gullible but which in fact induce them to act contrary to their best interests. As Todd said, this happens across the political spectrum. The Supreme Court's mandate that, effectively, there can be no limits imposed on money given for political advertising has poisined the well even more, has given aid and comfort to the cynics, and has injured the commonweal beyond measure.

Right now, the US Congress enjoys a 9 to 13% approval rating, depending on which poll you look at. Yet, well over 90% of the inmates there who run for re-election are successful. Why? Because Americans will tell you that while 532 of those people are crooks, the three who represent me are just fine. And so the madness is perpetuated.

People earning the minimum wage survive mostly by working two jobs and getting various forms of assistance, local, state and federal. . .governmental and from various charitable groups.

Several months ago somebody here noted a statistic that only a very small percentage of Americans have ever taken a cruise. I think the number was 7%, but I won't swear to it. The person who posted wondered how so many people could be so ignorant about how wonderful cruising is.

Putting aside the pro-cruise bias that is only natural here, the question made me laugh grimly. For a huge proportion of our population. . .the idea of cruising is so far off the radar screen that it's laughable. It's not even open for consideration on its merits.

Of course, the people who DO post here represent a self-selected sample of people who are cruisers, frequent, infrequent or somewhere in between. Therefore our perspective, no matter our individual problems, is that of the "haves," and sometimes we forget how fortunate we are.

But America is not doing well. The middle class that made us great is slowly but surely dissolving into an underclass, and nobody seems able to stop it. Worse, the problem seems to feed on itself. Left unchecked, it is the stuff revolutions are made of.
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow

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