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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Just because we like to cruise does not mean we need to make excuses for their cuts in Kuki stated the price of oil has dropped sharply..once 109 a barrel not too long ago is now dipping below 80 a barrel..No its just pure greed, they are trying to raise the profit margin.

Look at the gas stations The cheapest gas I know of in NJ is 3.43.9...DONT you just love the .9 cents when you see 343.9 its really 3.44The cheapest in my area in PA is 3.54.9(3.55) makes you wonder why gas is so high and oil is dropping so fast.

Its all greed, notice when the price of oil raises the gas raises instantly some times more then once a day and by 5 6 cents a shot...but when gas drops it by a penny or two.

Time to stop making excuses for the cruise industry. They pay their wait staff including stewards, MDR staff, laundry, next to nothing. yes they have free room and board, but that was a one time expense for the cruise line..all they had to do was build a cheap cabin cram a few people in, feed them which amounts next to nothing and pay them next to nothing.

I would love to know the profit margins of Carnival, NCL, Royal Carribean, Celebrity, I bet its in the billions, mif not billios then hundreds of millions and here we are making excuses for the cruise line.
They operated at a loss last quarter.

Financial Statements for Carnival Corporation - Google Finance
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