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When we take a cruise, I bring with me a large plain white envelope and calculator. I usually write in the date and day of week on one portion of the envelope and then list every charge which we made for that day. I then put all of the receipts inside the envelope after recording same. At the end of each day, I calculate the charges for that particular day. I do the same for each day thereafter, calculating the totals of the days.

Every day, I also march down to Guest Relations and get a print out thus far and compare their list against my own. If there is an issue, I call them or see them in person as soon as I have a question.

By the end of the last night, and just before bed, I calculate the entire total and see if my total jives with theirs when I look at the final print out before we leave the vessel. Works for me just fine! I will also state that we always pay by credit card which we leave on file with them.This way, we can always call the company if there is any money which is in dispute.

Good luck, rtosh!
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