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I never use any plastic cards on ships...yes, they are easier, just register and forget it...but I prefer to use either cash or travellers cheques, that way I am in full control of what is spent where and how much. I also get printed statements of my account every couple days, compare it to my receipts and if gets binned, if there is even a tiny mistake I am off to see the purser to get it sorted.

I still get the last bill overnight on the last morning...and I take time to check and recheck it....afterall, a computer is only as good as the human being entering the information and mistakes can be made.

So far, in over 20 cruises no I just put the kybosh on that record now by tempting fate.....all my cruises are long ones, 21 days and over and often B2B with cabin changes too and still no mistakes.

Many people that I have come across on ships who just take it for granted that they do not need to keep an eye on their on board account and that the cruise line "know what they are doing"...well, yes they do, but it never hurts to keep an eye on them...and if mistakes are found its so much easier to deal with them on the ship than a month later when the credit card bill arrives.
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