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Good morning everyone.

Donna, I'm sorry to hear you are still hurting. Perhaps you should consider becoming Kuki's neighbor in Arizona. The warm weather may do wonders. Either that or you could just become aquatic. I do hope you feel better.

For me the only issue is that I can't get much past that 1 mile mark on walking before the knee swells. It is stronger and there is no real "pain" but the swelling and stiffness makes it hard to walk. I'm making an appointment with another orthopedic to see if they have any ideas. I should be doing better and I need to be able to walk more than a mile for Europe.

Today the head guy of the flooring company shows up to tell me that I'll get a new kitchen floor. At least that's what he better tell me or there will be "a discussion." I'm quite irritated with the issues I'm having. They probably can fix all the individual problems but I know more will occur over time and I don't need problems with something so simple. We'll see.

Otherwise an oil change for the Suburban and a trip to Costco are on the agenda. Betty is counting down the days to retirement so she won't have to "get up early" to lug my butt around. I don't know if she'll be able to change her internal clock and go to bed before 2:00 a.m. And we only have 20 days until we get off the plane in Barcelona!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and a great rest of the week.

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