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Originally Posted by CostaSmurf View Post
They certainly do....

In actual fact, its quite funny to watch them sometimes when they ask what I think of the service charge, especially since I am a Brit and we have long been accused of being stingy...I tell them I am fine with it and that since it cannot be taken off anyway, the "Brits are stingy" argument is moot.

The looks on their faces is a picture..."You mean you CANNOT alter or remove it?......oh my...well that is a right that you SHOULD have....oh....well I would find another cruise line if we were forced to pay it....."

Seems no-one can win at this service autogratuity autotip charge thingy, can they, eh?

It may be different for UK and other non-US passengers but the only cruise line that you cannot remove the gratuity is NCL and they do call it a service charge. I am not sure about Costa. On other lines you can opt out of the program and a number of people do. Some because of bad service and others (the majority) just don't want to pay it.

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