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Good morning since I've been lurking this thread for ages. Thought I'd jump back in.

Since it's common knowledge that my intellectual capabilities along with my memory is severely limited, allow me the first to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow, Donna!

Was really P'd off yesterday when I got three quarters of the lawn done and something went with either the blades, shaft or something not involving the engine thank Heaven. My neighbor shot right over and finished it for me. As I've declined physically they have really jumped in like troopers to help me out. I got them both gift cards which they didn't want to accept but I told them at least take them for my own psyche. I feel so obligated as it is.

My two cleaning girls that I've publicly named "Hot Chicks Home Cleaning" treat me like gold and I haven't the foggiest as to why. If anything, the house is even cleaner than when Fran was alive. They don't just clean and vaccum under furniture, they move the furniture! A neighbor told me that when they did the sunroom (I wasn't here), they moved every single piece of furniture including removing the books from two four shelve book cases plus moving the mantle(!) all onto the outside lawn!!! They also took down all the wall hangings.

I'm hearing from those of their other clients whom I know that I'm all they talk about and how much they love me. The only reason I can fathom is I'm rarely here but I make sure they have the makings for lunch (sandwiches, salads, etc.), something I've (as did Fran) always done for anyone working in my home at meal time.

Talk about small world, the fellow who delivers my O2 tanks came yesterday from Jefferson City (about thirty miles South of here and was looking at my new (well to me anyway as it's an '08) Mazda CX-7. When I told him where I bought it in Clinton he swore it was his boss's former vehicle! He said there wasn't a thing wrong with it and the only reason he traded it was that his wife already drove an SUV and he wanted a pick-up truck. So maybe I really lucked up and didn't inherit someone else's problem after all.

I'm taking all four cats to the Vet for a "buzz cut" to keep down the cat hair most of which is coming from believe it or not, my only short haired cat, Weaver. He is at least 19 years old, eats like a horse but doesn't weigh anything and appears to be starving. So I'm going to have him evaluated. If he's not in any pain (and he doesn't appear to be) and although it would kill me to find him when the time comes, I want him to die at home and with his family whenever he does cross The Rainbow Bridge.

Speaking of cats,I assembled one of two of those automatic litterboxes that are self cleaning. Lo and behold it works beautifully. there's never any odor and the litter itself is always clean. All you need to do is to use a good quality clumping litter. The cat goes in, does its duty and ten minutes after he steps out a rake automatically runs from front to back pushing the dirty waste in a lided container on which the door drops back down when the rake returns through the litter to the rear of the machine. It and another I'm putting together today are gifts from Fran's niece in New York, Adelaide, and I'm going to buy at least one, possibly two more myself, possibly another one for out here in the sun room and one for Felix in the back bedroom which, because of his temperament for his siblings, I call "Bin Laden's Death House."

Am truly sorry to learn of your problems Mike and Donna. As for you Mike, I just can't help but think your issue might be because you're pushing yourself too much too quickly. We don't heal as quickly as we get older, something of which I've much more than just discovered over the past six months.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Tuesday.
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