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Not totally true and somewhat you would expect from the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa. We've been to Mazatlán many many times over the years and have witness the unpleasant changes.

But more telling is we have several friends, (ex-pax's) that live in Mazatlan. They've purchased townhouses in a gated communities. When they first moved, they chose to live in a gated community because of petty theft. They felt totally safe and even told us that the only crime in Mazatlan was crimes of opportunity....theft.

BUT they and their extend friends no longer feel safe! They've witnessed shootings during daylight hours on public streets and in a restaurant. (they were just down the street when the gunmen entered the restaurant. Oh yes...this was near the Golden Zone! No one and I mean NO ONE (ex-pax or local) feels safe going out at night.

Yes...the main targets have been the local residents, but the reality is that violence has also spilled over to tourist. (where has this Oralia Rice been?)
The cruise industry would NOT have pulled out their ships unless there was a really good reason! After all...there's not much going on as far as cruising without the Mexican Riviera.

We would love to see Mazatlan open again to cruise ships. We MISS our friends...but until the people who live there think its safe...we're avoiding the port of Mazatlan.
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