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Originally Posted by rtosh0719 View Post
I agree its easier. I'm glad I'm being told all the stuff I already knew. If I knew I was going to be charged, in any sort of fashion, through a bill on the door the last morning (for the 8th and final time THAT I DID NOT GET) I would have fixed this before I got off the ship.
Well, without getting snippy, it sounds like Bert (the one who you thought did a great job) at Guest services actually screwed up Royally (no pun intended).

Had he done the job properly, he would have alerted you to the overcharge when you went to see him to :

Every night I made it a habit to pay off my balance so that I wouldn't be charged at the end of the cruise. (Bertrand, who works nights at the guest services desk, on the freedom of the seas was very nice and helpful with always updating me on my balance, and went above and beyond in order to provide me exceptional service)
If inded you DID check the balance and you obtained a print-off every night, you would have seen the extra charge and you would have gone back to the desk and dealt with it.

I understand why it was frustrating to be overcharged...however....we as cruisers must start taking a measure of responsibility for what happens on these ships...hindsight might be a great thing to have in advance in your case, but people should get into the habit of getting print-off's of the on board account every couple days, read through it before turning the light off at night and if there are any discrepancies, go to the desk and ask for the purser first thing in the morning and get it sorted.

Never, ever assume that mistakes will somehow be automatically put right - they will not...hence why even when using plastic to pay the tab, you MUST keep a close eye on every purchase made on a ship cos mistakes happen every single day.

A cruise should be relaxing but when it comes to your finances you MUST stay on the game and make sure its done right every time.

At least you'll be getting the money back...some never do...its an expensive and frustrating lesson to have learnt....and something that is so very easy to avoid.
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