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First of all...

What buttons said is true, but I do think carnival is doing anything wrong? Absoluely not. A LOT of major corporation paid no taxes in 2010, including:
  • General Electric (which owns NBC, GE Capital, and tons of other businesses).
  • Wal-Mart
  • MicroSoft
  • Hewlitt Packard.
So, big deal. Its what you net, not what you gross that counts. Carnival pays exactly what the US tax code says it is supposed to pay.

And in addition - where did you hear they now charge for Blue man Group on NCL? That is news to me. Can you give us a source.

Finally - Jim Walker is a well-known cruise protagonist, he hates the cruise industry and will do anything to show it in a bad light. He definitely has an agenda. He has been calling the cruise industry "tax dodgers for over a decade now. Its an unsubstantiated comment.

Besides that - why do I care what anybody else pays. Maybe Carnival didn't pay as a corporation, but everyone who works there had to pay income taxes. And I completely refute the idea that they take advantage of their workers. If it is so bad why do they work there year after year?
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