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My point is that Haima made a good point. At some point, one has to take responsibility for their own situation, be it Healthcare, or otherwise.

They've just called the recall in Wisconsin for Gov. Walker. That in and of itself says a lot.

As a union employee and still a union member, I am most pleased with the result (even if the result did not include law enforcement...I think it should have). As I wrote earlier, if the salary wasn't as much as private industry, that's fine. But when government employees make more than the average worker, that wrong. Period! In Wisconsiin the government employee makes significant;y more than the private employee. Why then, should they receive enhanced benefits?

We have to retrench but that doesn't mean that everyone has to give up a lot. Just walk in lockstep with the population. Public employee unions (of which I'm a member) have to make hard decisions and support the whole. We're not above the average person, we're the same. When we weren't receiving sufficient compensation that was one thing, but today pualic employess overall make more that the private sector minus the benefits. For instance, in Wisconsin they make significntly more! I'm sorry (which are usually tremendous)but I think that's not right! I'm not better than the steel worker or the GE employee who has lost so much. Yes, I had a dangerous job but I knew that going in! I was a lawman and proud of it for I protected the public, but should I receive so much more (be it salary or benefits) than the poor slob doing back breaking work in a steel mill? Hardly! When I didn't make that much money that was one thing but times have changed. In many areas today's law enforcement officer makes more than their blue collar counterpart plus they have Cadillac benefits. Sorry buddy, but I don't think that's right!
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