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Good evening from a hot, humid south Texas!!

I've been very busy with docs appts the past two days and running errands. I met my new surgeon who turned out to be the nicest young man!! I was pretty surprised considering he got 13 poor ratings online for "bedside manner." Maybe he read his ratings and changed his tune! Anyway, hernia surgery scheduled for later this month. I have a Dallas friend coming down to help me after surgery so that I don't over-do it again and give myself ANOTHER hernia.. CT scan revealed that my back is shot with degenerative disk disease and endplate bone spurs (I knew I had a crummy back so this wasn't huge news to me). Only the bone spurs were a surprise.

Meanwhile, I came home to let the pit bull out that I'm taking care of..She immediately broke off the leash she was attached to. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the house trying to rest for a moment and cool off after a long day (not knowing she was free to roam). Luckily, she wanted inside for some A/C and started barking at the back door for me to let her in. She chose not to roam!! *Whew* She is not a threat (except to an intruder - she'd eat one). However, she scares the crap out of my neighbors.

I've been shopping around for cruise-wear..I really need a new dress for the MDR.

Hope everyone is enjoying their evening!!

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