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Unhappy Dining

Originally Posted by RichC View Post
We've always found that if you don't sit at a large table & only select a table for 2 the whole dinner precess goes much faster. If you want to even finish earlier just tell the waiter to speed things up a bit. It's the talking at large tables & waiting until everyone finished their course that holds the process up causing people to get to the show lounge to late to find a seat.
One of the principal joys of the MDR for us is having the time for a leisurely dinner with interesting companions. Choosing a table for two and asking the waiter to rush through dinner would be very little better than eating at the buffet! When Princess forces us to make the choice between a leisurely enjoyment of dinner and a usually mediocre show, dinner wins almost every time!

On most cruise lines, including our other favorite HAL, it is possible to enjoy a leisurely dinner and still get to the show and enjoy it. It is the inadequate theater design on Princess that is the problem.

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