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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Of course I am one of those weirdo's that seeks out the good local restaurants instead of the comfort of the chain.
We actually had a great local sandwich shop. Super fresh bread, tons of fixings and reasonable prices. There were always lines to get in. Fun place to meet friends and to have casual business meetings.

Well, success led to the business being bought up by a franchise. Now the sandwiches fixing's are weigh out to be sure their standard for each and every serving, and the bread is no longer fresh baked. We've not going as often and have noticed other people aren't either...because the lines aren't as long.

Knowing you will get a standardized sandwich for example, and each sandwich will basically be just like every sandwich you've had before, can in a pinch, give you a sense of security when you travel...but at the same time, it can be boring. Takes the fun out. (now a cup of coffee...that's different!)
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