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It seems that we are hearing this a bit more about Carnival lately - and that is too bad. Another cruiser came by just a few days ago and said she had just taken her thrid Carnival cruise and was not impressed.

I have heard some scuttlebutt about cutbacks, nickel & diming, etc. But I have not been onboard a Carnival ship lately.

I will tell you this, though - Carnival Dream (Magic and Breeze) are all very crowded ships for their size. Breeze can hold almost 4900 passengers (total) at 130,000 tons. That is not much less than Oasis at 220,000-tons.

Furthermore, this is the direction cruising is going. They are going to be packing people in. The ships are slightly larger, but per person they are getting much smaller.

I am sorry to hear yuo did not enjoy your cruise. By the way, I am an experienced cruiser and one thing that REALLY gets my goat is bad information - tiny typeset in the daily program etc. I agree with you, service needs to be better.
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