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Hi Trip!
I used a couple years ago. I was so lucky to be able to do a double cruise trip that year. I found a roomy for each cruise with this site. We started with messages in the public area, then private messages, and when we were comfortable, we shared email addresses. As we became more comfortable, we then shared phone calls.
I met my first roomy on board Celebrity Summit. We had a great time. We then had an over-night at a San Juan hotel where I met my roomy for Adventure of the Seas; another 7 night cruise beginning the next day. We had a great time too. We shared some pictures of each other in emails and some in facebook.

I have found this site now to be a bit more confusing. I eventually found the Seeking Cruise Companion section again. Maybe it's just me, but things seem to be set up a bit differently.

I've seen an ad from a poster who was in here 2 years ago. I replied to that thread then, but got no answers. I replied to it again recently and it appears to be the same now.

Could be my error, but I'm not seeing nearly as many current and active "seeking companion" ads.

Any advice welcome
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