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Now you see, this is what concerns me about the next two newbuilds for Costa Crociere, dubbed "Super Costa", they are a pair of Dream class ships.

I openly admit to being a cookie-cutter big ship hater...give me a ship of a maximum 75000 tonnes and preferably under 2000 fellow sailors any day of the week and I am one very happy little cruiser.....

Having said that, my cruise next year is 30 days from Santos to Istanbul to Venice aboard what I class as a heffalump of a ship, Costa Fascinosa. Basically I want to try one of these big ships and spending 30 days on board will either confirm my hatred of them or it will change my mind....

I really wish the builders would come back down in size, so that the ships are more manageable...and not just for pax, but for crew too...from speaking to crew, the big ships are far from crew friendly for a variety of reasons...for example, the room service kitchen on the Conquest class is midships so perfect for access to all cabins and it allows that hot coffee to stay reasonably hot......then someone decided to make the Conquest class bigger, or at least carry more pax, so they shifted the room service kitchen to the stern, which causes all sorts of problems trying to get that hot coffee from the stern, 951ft forwards to a forward cabin and still keep it hot (this happens on the Concordia class all the time).

I have also found that entertainment (from reviews) tends to be lacking on the big ships..too many lounges with different music that clashes into an unholy noise in the atrium.

Food, all seems to suffer...not enough crew....or just plain knackered crew from having to do constant 4 minute miles in 30 seconds...

I will find out for myself next year if the size of the ship really does reflect badly on everything within...I hope not, but with so many reviews like this one...I just feel that when the number crunchers decided to stretch, enlarge and otherwise cram in more pax into these ships, they forgot the fundamentals, the basics and maybe just a little common sense.
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