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We sailed the Magic for two weeks last month. We noticed many cutbacks, but also had a good time.

There were not many (or sometimes, any) bar waiters. Having to go to the bar for a drink is no big deal, but it's different.

We had Your Time Dining and were very lucky to have Alex and his team as our waiter's. We requested him every time we went to the dining room and were happy with his service and with the food.

It seems that a "bean counter" at Carnival decided that most people don't use the spoon that used to be included in the napkin roll for the grill and the buffet . Several times we had to get up and find a spoon at breakfast and lunch.

Speaking of breakfast, I loved being able to eat the buffet breakfast until noon! They did shut down all but one buffet line, but we still enjoyed what was available.

We went to the Red Frog Pub and were not impressed. It's just another bar, IMO. We tried to go to the Escape Bar which had been recommended as a nice, quiet bar, but it was never open when it was supposed to be.

We had a good Room Steward who did his job.

We don't go to the shows anymore, but there seemed to be a very big stream of people headed that way every night.

The "new" Room Service menu was not good .

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