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Originally Posted by CostaSmurf View Post
There are so many ways to keep tabs on your tab....there really is no excuse for missing an error by the cruise line, not thesedays.

Having worked in tourism for many years though, its not the first time that I have come across a case like this just can't depend on someone using a computer to get it right all the time...doesn't happen.
ya you are exactly right. next time i will worry every minute of the day and not enjoy my cruise. at least i will have kept tabby tab mctabb tabbs on my tab. and no offense but its a mistake that shouldnt have even been made in the first place if you read what exactly happened. how does a transaction get pushed through if nothing had been signed? especially one of that dollar amount. im tired of telling how many times i checked both cruise charges and bank statement (since they put a hold on the account after every charge twice a day) did i fail to mention i checked that often? ill copy and paste it 1000x if need be. Sure i can get upset about it. its not your money so you can easily say well i would have done...fact is they made the mistake, not me. i talked to them on monday and they said it would be done within a week.
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