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Carnival Dream Ė Western Caribbean Cruise May 26-June 2
7C Ė Cove Balcony
2342 and 40
4 adults total (in two cabins) ages from late 20ís to early 30ís

Previous Cruise History:
My 3rd cruise (2 Carnival and 1 RCCL)
Wifeís 4th cruise (2 Carnival, 1 RCCL, and 1 Norwegian)

This was delayed due to a medical emergency on the previous cruise. We were told by Carnival not to arrive at the port before 3:30 or we would be turned away. I was impressed by the great communication by Carnival as we received an email the night before and a ďrobo-callĒ as well; we also received a $15 credit (each) to our sign and sail account, which was a nice gesture. We arrived at the parking area at about 2:45 or so. We used Park N Cruise instead of the port; this could not have been any easier (or cheaper). I made on-line reservations so when I got there all I did was pull into the building, they unloaded our car for us (and loaded onto the bus), and the wife paid as I parked the vehicle. We then got onto the (waiting) bus and away we went! Total cost, $59, or about half of what the port charges. By the time we got to the port it was just past 3 and they were not turning anyone away, in fact we already saw people walking on the ship, so Iím not sure what time they actually started boarding. Check-in was super quick. There was a line but it kept moving. Had 1 carry on with 2 bottles of wine and a 12 pack of diet coke, which they did inspect (but did not open) to see if it had been tampered with. I considered trying to smuggle some beer on, but Iím glad I didnít as it would not have been worth the hassle.

We walked onto the ship by around 3:45 and to my surprise we were able to go directly to our cabin. We stayed in a 7C or cove balcony, room 2342 (port side). Loved the cove! We had a connecting state room next to our friends, but for the life of me I canít understand why the rooms can connect but the way the coves are constructed you cannot open the divider on the balcony between connecting staterooms, maybe it was just ours, still weird. This was my first non-inside stateroom, canít go back now! Since we already had lunch we changed quickly and headed up to Serenity deck. We didnít end up leaving port until 8pm, which by that time it was nearly dark so sail away was kind of blah. Dinner was un-impressive, it was good but I donít remember what I had so it didnít blow me away. We had anytime dining, Crimson dining room deck 4.
Soverign of the Seas - October 2008
Carnival Inspiration - August 2009
Carnival Dream - May 2012

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